At Rancho la Quinta, in Guanajuato México; these workers dedicate their every day lives to feed the free grazing cows they own. Twice a day, at sunrise and/or before sunset, they call the cattle by whistling from a moving truck. Cows follow them to the selected area. An area where cactus (nopal) and maguey are abundant and mature to be cut. Using machetes, they cut pieces, and leave them on different areas on the floor for cows to eat their daily feast. These is one of the sustainable practices this ranch follows, as what the cows and the community eat, all came from what they grew inside the ranch, on the land they live. Even though these cows are for further beef meat commercialization processes, they are taken care of and given them a dignified and honest life. Where they don´t live in barns or cages, they mate freely, and feed from nature rather than processed grains. Which ensures the quality of the meat and promotes a conscious consumption of meat. 

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