Everyday, this women wake up at 6:00 am (if not earlier), to work for their families. Some prepare tortilla flour, make actual buckets of tortillas to feed their families for the period of one week. Others cut and gather wood and keep her family's home warm in the cold weather.
They showed me their homes, where their families used to live (some of their sons left to work un the USA), taught me to make tortillas, prepared breakfast, and lastly, one morning, on my way to a nearby ranch, I found an elder woman. 
Alone, as she picked her cart with calm and ease. As something she was used to, as if ti was part of her. She was deaf, and barely able to speak due to her age. But somehow, she understood my interest in her, and tried to explain what she was doing. She looked at my camera an instantly looked at it, expecting me to make a portrait of her. I took the first one, where she had a serious look. Then I smiled to her and she smiled back.
This was one of those moment when a universal language an a mutual understanding are the only things needed to make a moment so serendipitous.
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