In english; "hay or stubble land," is the set of remains of stems and leaves that are left in the ground after cutting a crop. Stubble is often confused with remains of little value. However, stubble is a very good resource to protect the soil from the impact of erosive precipitation and subsequent runoff. Stubble retention practices are recommended by technicians and soil conservation authorities as an important component of a management program. This may or may not involve the retention of high amounts of stubble, or only enough for the function of protecting the soil. The presence of stubble on the ground is like a water trap, which facilitates infiltration and reduces evaporation losses by keeping the surface of the soil cooler and protected. This conception is the core of a correct farming system with zero tillage. In this ranch "Rancho La Quinta" in Guanajuato, Mexico; they are very conscious about having sustainable practices throughout the year. For this photographs, it was important to me to capture the effort these men put in their every day work, not only because it is their job, but because they care about the land they live in and work for.
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