“In a world where being comfortable can be the safest-easiest choice, effort takes courage”

This is the story of David García. A 32-year-old Mexican who, since his childhood, has dedicated much of his life and energy to a cycling specialty called “Trial” (a sport rarely practiced in Mexico). However, David has managed to stand out as a national and international champion. With a first world record in 2016, he climbed 3,383 steps of the “Juriquilla Towers” ​​in the City of Querétaro.

In early 2019, David set out once again (and probably not the last), to break another world record. In a challenge called for communication and promotional purposes; "The Great Ascent." Event that took place on October 26, 2019 in Mexico City. Most of the people, they only lived the day of the final challenge; David was able to climb more than 3,700 steps of the BBVA Bancomer tower. But what this story tells is beyond achievement alone. It tells of the work and resilience that David lived through. And it shows the team and the people who supported it. Because such an achievement cannot be achieved alone. David got unconditional support, and it was truly unconditional because it was the support of people who believed in him, and supported him without asking for anything in return other than seeing him achieve an extraordinary dream.

Because climbing step by step, from jump to jump, standing on a Trial bike for almost 3 hours, is a really extraordinary effort. It is something that involves a strength and capacity beyond physical, but mental and emotional. And pushing your body to make such an effort is unimaginable. Until you see it and live it. After 2 hours and 55 minutes, David climbed 3,988 steps of the BBVA Bancomer Tower. Without putting a single foot off the bike. Burning around 3,000 kcal. Feeling a cramp in my left leg during the last floors of the tower. And without stopping despite the pain. Because he had the desire and the determination to climb the last steps towards the helipad, to reach the goal where all his loved ones were waiting for him. And finally, breaking a world record once again.


I believe that we live in a world where many of us come to value comfort, to be safe, without feeling challenged, uncomfortable, and out of place. The change and the achievements that we want to live require that we take different actions, new actions, feel challenged, and that we experience uncertainty in the hope of achieving something positive. Being an exceptional human being in our own lives (or in some specific area) requires effort, perseverance, discipline, habits, and mental and emotional strength. And although it sounds cliché; Striving requires courage. Leaving our comfort zone, no matter how crazy it may seem to some, or unnecessary for others ... Nothing is worth more than the satisfaction of achieving something that you really strived to achieve. Regardless of those obstacles or lack of desire, there you continue, breaking your mother because you believe in something greater than your current self. And achieving it will give you more satisfaction (despite the pain you may feel in the process); than having settled for a linear life, doing the bare minimum to live a "good life" in the eyes of those around you and based on the standards that you have learned. If you ask me, I prefer to try to be a better version of myself, with all its challenges. What a satisfaction to experience all that you can do if you try harder than you could have imagined.

Many would question; Why try to climb more than 3,000 steps on a bicycle, without stopping? And the simplest answer could be; Why not? But, at the end of the day, David didn't climb those steps to please you. He climbed them to indulge himself, his soul. He raised them for feeling those emotions of experiencing a "madness" (in quotes), and that only 2 people in the whole world have been close to achieving what he achieved that October 26 in Mexico City, by climbing 3,988 steps of the BBVA Bancomer tower.

And it was not just a physical, mental and emotional achievement. It was an achievement thanks to that search to be the best possible version of that “Athlete David García”, a Trial bicycle professional. And at the end of the day, instead of questioning, trying to understand and compare your life with what David does and has achieved; I hope that at least seeing these photographs of those emotions, challenges, efforts, and achievements that David lived, inspire you to honor the life that this universe has given you. And that you strive to grow, to change, to evolve. Everything, to be an extraordinary person, in whatever you do. And feel fire inside you to do what makes you happy.

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