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I am a professional photographer and videographer born and currently based in Mexico. With experience in commercial photography (product, fashion, food, architecture, interior design, portraits, and travel photography), in personal documentary projects, and with skills in Video-Making, Photo and Video Editing (Adobe Lr, Ps, Pr, Ae), Graphic Design, and Marketing.

After almost 8 years of working and evolving as a photographer, I have learned that images can transcend language, cultural, and ideological barriers. This, by bringing people more connected and aware of different perspectives in this beautiful yet complex world. 

Many times I feel this curiosity for understanding.

Understanding why we do what we do. Questioning how can we improve our lives and that of others with our actions. What can we change in our own perceptions and beliefs by learning from new perspectives and other ways of living? What should we truly care and value? I believe everything is connected to some extent. And we all share a connection with this planet and everyone-everything that lives in it.

This is why as a photographer, I’m driven by developing projects related to culture, natural conservation, and sustainability. With the basis of discovering, documenting and understanding the relationship between nature and humans.

I also love to discover remarkable stories in which I can be able to document people and sharing these stories to the world. I believe photographs may not be capable of doing the moral work for us, but they can trigger the process of social consciousness. Therefore, my goal is to be able to bring value to society and to an specific audience through the power of images and storytelling. 

Moreover, I currently work alongside National Geographic photographer & explorer; Ricardo Azarcoya too. He is my mentor as well as a good friend and business partner at Witness Fine Art Prints; a brand focused on selling online our photography work as photographic prints. And, in the photography festival; Photofest in which I have collaborated as a head designer, curator of photo expositions, and staff. 

Finally; I don’t really like labels. But I often divide my photographic style and focus into two categories for practical purposes; 


-Documentary Photography & Commercial photography-


I want to honor -what my clients and my subjects within every documentary project- do; by visually portraying just that, at its best; with love. And showing it to the world.


Photography Degree at Escuela Activa de Fotografía

Querétaro, México

Diploma in Cinematography at Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro

Querétaro, México

Degree on Marketing & Communications at the Tecnológico de Monterrey

Querétaro, México

Certification on Documentary Photography Workshop with Ricardo Azarcoya, NatGeo photographer

Querétaro, México

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